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Straßenschäden wie Schlaglöcher und Risse im Asphalt sind ein globales Problem das jährlich Milliarden von Euros verschlingt. Schlechte Straßenverhältnisse spielen in vielen Verkehrsunfällen eine entscheidende Rolle. Wir können da nicht länger zusehen und zusammen mit dir machen wir etwas dagegen!

Unsere Lösung setzt auf Smartphones die wir in städtischen Fahrzeugen wie der Müllabfuhr installieren. Anschließend werden auf jeder regulären Fahrt auch Bilder geschossen, die durch Machine Learning Algorithmen auf Straßenschäden untersucht werden. Zu unseren Kunden zählen bereits über 40 Städte und Landkreise in Deutschland, die mit unseren Informationen ihre Straßensanierung planen und koordinieren.

Unser 20-Köpfiges Team sucht nach weiterer Unterstützung und wir glauben, dass du genau richtig für den Job bist!

Senior Full Stack Developer (m/w/x)
  • You have at least 3 years of professional experience in programming
  • You have experience with JavaScript and NodeJS
  • You understand how the JavaScript engine works
  • You have good experience with any statically typed language
  • You're up for mentoring coworkers and can give in-depth, productive feedback during code reviews
  • You can communicate clearly in English, both written and verbally

You will be working in a small Team, so flexibility is very important to us. If you are picky about programming languages or frameworks, this is not the place for you. We go with whatever language and framework that fits the problem. At the same time we do not expect years of experience with all of the tools we use. If you know how to code we trust your ability to adapt to whatever we might use for a project.

A positive and resilient mindset is very important to us. We strive to create a relaxed working atmosphere and only impose deadlines where absolutely necessary. However we are a fast moving Startup, so if pressure rises you need to stay calm and keep focused on quality results.


You know Geodata and have worked with Mapbox or PostGIS


Most of your work will be backend related. We work with Postgres, MongoDB and Firestore as our main databases. Most of our data is geo-referenced and needs to be organized efficiently to support rendering of big maps for larger clients.

We follow the micro-service principle, so you will likely be adding new services and APIs in either Node.js (+ TypeScript) or GoLang (our new weapon of choice).

We also have a React.js Frontend that needs constant evolution. At the core of it there is a Mapbox GL map view that displays all of our geo-referenced data. Keeping high performance even for large clients is key.

Was wir dir bieten:

We are a Team of 20 people from 8 different countries. The development team has four members at the moment that we would like to expand to five or six. Our Team-Lead Tim (the chillest Russian you will ever meet) will gladly mentor you on reaching your personal development goals while providing a safe environment to work in.

Our philosophy to development is that we are a Team of self-responsible individuals that achieve quality results on there own schedule. We strive to develop thoroughly, even if it takes more time, so we don't create any technical debt. We feel that this is the only way a small Team can produce and maintain great software.

Our other perks:

  • Always evolving TechStack (Go, NodeJS, React, Swift, Postgres, MongoDB)
  • Experienced Mentorship for your Personal Development
  • Full Responsibility and Freedom in SCRUM Teamwork
  • Vibrant Startup Atmosphere
  • Office in the heart of Stuttgart
  • Silent Working Rooms
  • Flexible Work Times
  • Lovely Office Dog

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